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Book Cover Design

This concept design is for a fictitious fantasy novel loosely inspired by the fairy tale Red Riding Hood. The artwork was created using pencil on paper that was scanned and digitally enhanced and coloured in Photoshop. Although originally wanting to use hand lettering for the title treatment, I wanted something sharper that would stand on its own without the art competing with it. Using the composition from my hand lettering, I manipulated an existing font (Playfair) by tilting the ampersand, adding the hole to the “f” in “Wolf” and hooking the “d” and “&”. Fully immersing myself in this project, I also chose to write the synopsis of the story, which you can read a portion of below. Perhaps one day, I may even write this novel in its entirety.


Could this really be the Red Cloak of legend? It’s richly dyed reds almost black in the shadows, and a vivid, seemingly vibrating crimson under the rays of sunlight streaming in through the window. Freya quickly removes the twining from the garment with practiced fingers and dons the heavy cloak in one quick movement. “Please let this be the answer…” Freya says to herself.


Design, Illustration and copy written by me.